Individual Health Insurance & Medicare Plans

Depending on your situation, you might not be eligible for coverage under an employer’s group benefits plan. If not, we can help you choose a health and dental plan that can help cover out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses for you and your family. These plans are designed to provide various levels of enhanced healthcare protection, depending on your needs and the stage of life you are in.

When designing your customized health and dental insurance package, you can choose from an array of services. Options include:

  • Prescription drugs, which many consider one of the most valuable forms of health coverage.
  • Paramedical services, ranging from the use of an ambulance to a visit to the massage therapist.
  • Vision care if you or your family members wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • Protection while on vacation or a business trip with out-of-country medical coverage.
  • Access to private or semi-private hospital rooms.
  • Dental care can include basic dental work as well as a portion of orthodontics, depending on your level of coverage.

The ACA enacted several insurance reforms to prohibit most insurance plans from excluding people for preexisting conditions, discrimination based on health status, and imposing annual monetary caps on coverage; and reforms to require guaranteed issue and renewal of policies, premium rating rules, nondiscrimination in benefits, and mental health and substance abuse parity.

Individual Health Insurance & Medicare Plans | AFIS Colorado

Aspen Financial and Devlin Financial are a Connect for Health Colorado Enrollment Center in Aspen and Fort Collins with certified brokers to recommend a health insurance plan based on your specific needs, help you apply for financial assistance, and complete your enrollment in that plan. All health insurance plans sold through Connect for Health Colorado cover essential health benefits, and you cannot be charged more, nor be prevented from getting the care you need, because of a pre-existing condition. 

Connect for Health Colorado is Colorado’s official health insurance marketplace, and the only place to apply for financial help to reduce your monthly health insurance costs. The financial help you can get through Connect for Health Colorado to lower your monthly payment is called an Advanced Premium Tax Credit. Coloradans that qualify for financial help may also qualify for healthcare discounts, called cost-sharing reductions, that lower the amount you pay when you use your plan. Healthcare discounts are only available on silver plans sold through Connect for Health Colorado. See the income guidelines below to see if you might qualify for subsidies.

* You can still buy a plan!

ACA Subsidy Qualifications:

Family Size

Lower monthly costs & lower out-of-pocket costs

Lower Monthly Costs

Do not qualify for financial help*


$17,236 - $31,225

$31,226 - $49,959

$49,960 and above


$23,335 - $42,275

$42,276 - $67,639

$67,640 and above


$29,435 - $53,325

$53,326 - $85,319

$85,320 and above


$35,535 - $64,375

$64,376 - $102,999

$103,000 and above


$41,634 - $75,425

$75,426 - $120,679

$120,680 and above


$47,734 - $86,475

$86,476 - $138,359

$138,360 and above


Connect for Health Colorado offers health insurance plans from the following companies depending upon where you live:




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